Tech Tip – Mastercam’s “Compare” Tool

Compare is a tool within the verification interface for comparing the completed or partially completed verification results with the model. When selected, it will open a Compare window with color gradients and values. Each color corresponds to a specific range of either overcuts or undercuts. Tools for showing the workpiece, and the resultant stock are located at the top, along with a tool for adjusting the range of values you are interested in.

Once processed the stock will be displayed with the colored amounts of stock either left or overcut as shown.

Comparisons can be made between the cut stock and the workpiece (default) or any selected external .STL model by selecting it in the Compare window.

Comparisons can be very helpful when finding areas of specific concern on your parts for further machining or to identify areas of gouging.  This tool along with the collision checking in Simulator Help ensure error free toolpaths.