Moldplus V10.6

Moldplus V10.6 is the latest version from Moldplus SA.

Create Curve and vectors have been enhanced greatly!

  • Create the curves and vectors in 1-click
  • Create Mastercam Curve 5-Axis toolpaths in 1 or 2 additional clicks,  from the created geometry!
  • No need to select geometry and create the toolpaths manually!
  • Create curves and vectors by simply clicking on a part edge!

Check out the video on the latest version – the emphasis of the video is on the Create Curve 5axis tools.

Everyone is excited about  the new “Group Manager” and the fact that creating curves, vectors and toolpaths are only a few clicks! Makes the product presentation very powerful AND client training much easier as you do not need to enter Mastercam toolpath parameters to pick geometry. We automatically create a spline and chain it for the toolpath curve geometry! As you are aware – machining results are much better with splines. The robotic world that uses Curve 5axis toolpaths for most of the tasks is thrilled with the new enhancement as it makes it easier to go from CAD to good toolpaths with a few clicks!!!



STL Utilities have been updated with a new and improved interface! Splitting STL bodies allows you to create closed STL bodies from the result. A dynamic preview of the STL splitting is also available now. The result of the splitting can be stored as STL files or as Mastercam mesh entities. The STL Create edge function has also been enhanced for better display and storing as Mastercam entities.