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Mastercam Swiss brings world-renowned service and support to the Swiss machining arena. Swiss machining is a completely different ball game, with extremely complex machines and multiple simultaneous moving parts. Mastercam is here to help you cut your parts safely and confidently every time. Now you can take on Swiss work with confidence.

Making complex manufacturing easier. Swiss Screen Shot

Mastercam is known the world over for making your programming easier. From 2- through 5-axis parts, you’ll be able to apply the wide array of efficient programming methods you’re used to, the Mastercam way. Sliding headstock machines pose a unique set of challenges, and Mastercam Swiss lets you bring our 30+ years of machining knowledge and support to your shop. Tool management, with its own set of separate challenges for each job, is easily set up from loaded, predefined libraries or your own custom ones, and transferable from job to job.

Synchronization tools optimize your Swiss machines.

Mastercam Swiss allows you to synchronize multiple operations quickly, easily, and with confidence. The Gantt-style method of synchronization lets you drag and drop operations with a clear overview of the workflow, while optimizing part cycle times and avoiding collisions. Mastercam Swiss supports an unlimited number of channels, and allows you to sync them by channel or tool group, which is easily differentiated by color coding.

Sophisticated simulation for complete confidence on every job.

Mastercam Swiss’ simulation provides a safe, virtual environment for the full simulation of every moving part of your machine, providing critical collision detection and toolpath prove-out. This is done with accurate machine models for Tsugami, Citizen, Star, Tornos, Hanwha, and many more. Simulation allows you to jump to any point in the simulation process, start and stop with the click of a button, all while simultaneously viewing the NC code for all channels.

Mastercam Swiss in Action