Mastercam 2019 Update 2 ProDrill Released

Mastercam 2019 Update 2 ProDrill Released

Just released! Mastercam 2019 Update 2 ProDrill. This release requires Mastercam 2019 or any of its updates to be installed. Previous versions of Mastercam 2019 ProDrill must be uninstalled prior to installing Mastercam 2019 Update 2 ProDrill. ProDrill can be uninstalled through Control Panel > Programs and Features.

The following defects have been resolved in this build since the 2019 RTM version of ProDrill:

  1. R-15537/ R-16955/ R-17283: Absolute paths in ProDrill cause issues with Help, Tool Data Base, and Output.
  2. R-16471/ R-16507: Automatic Process Configuration fails to create an operation in ProDrill.
  3. R-17364/ D-35367: When creating an operation that requires a tap in ProDrill, the process name displays as random text.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download Mastercam 2019 Update 2 ProDrill from
  2. Double-click on the *.exe.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.
  4.  Mastercam must be shut down prior to installation.

For additional assistance contact