Turn-Key Inspection Solution

Streamlined Inspection Process Video

Check out this 2-minute video demonstrating how quickly parts can pass through a first article inspection. The simple Align, Inspect, Report process will improve your inspection turn around time.


Verisurf quickly aligns your part to CAD model by creating targets on the CAD model and guiding you through an auto-alignment by probing each target on the part.


Verisurf displays real time part to CAD model deviation when probing the part surface and guides you through automated inspection plans. Real time visual and audible indicators combined with color deviation displays provide you with instant part quality feedback.


Verisurf uses the 3D CAD model as the inspection nominal which quickly generates custom reports in industry standard formats with GD&T constraints, color deviation maps and in or out of tolerance indicators for clear practical analysis.

Learn more today about how you can outpace your competition with this turn-key solution.

Already have a device? No problem, we would like to show you a streamlined 5-minute process to inspect your parts.

We are extremely happy with how easy Verisurf was to learn and implement. After one day of training from QTE, our team was effectively using Verisurf and continue to utilize it every day. Verisurf was the most economical technology choice we've made to meet our customer's demands for maintaining high quality while reducing costs.

Tom Simon Aero-Tech Engineering, Inc Maize, KS

*Turn-Key solution includes Verisurf CAD/Measure, a Master 3DGage, and one day of Quick Start training

VS and M3DG