Code N Coffee Event – 4x programming

Code N Coffee (CNC)

We hosted our first Code N Coffee event last Friday in Saint Louis. This is the first of many planned events throughout the Midwest where we will cover more advanced Mastercam topics. There is no charge for these events and we provide breakfast and coffee.

The main topic of the inaugural Code N Coffee event was 4th axis programming in Mastercam as well as programming horizontal machines. These are topics that we lightly cover in our 2D mill machining training class; however, many customers have expressed increased interest in these topics. In an effort to assist the Mastercam user base we wanted to share some of the best practices and techniques to improve machining efficiency.

We had a great turn out and all of the participants were engaged and actively taking notes and asking questions during the Q&A session. Participants also provided a list of many other topics they would be interested in learning more about during future events.

Thank you to every on that attended and we look forward to seeing you at future events!