Choosing a CAD/CAM System Part 2

Part 2 of our What Every Shop Should Know About Choosing a CAD/CAM System goes over evaluating a reseller. This, as many of you know, is an essential step to guaranteeing the success of your system implementation. Hopefully the questions below will help you arrive at the perfect decision for you and your business.

Section 2 – Evaluating a CAD/CAM Reseller

What is the reseller’s history?

  • How long has the reseller been in operation and how long have they been selling the product you are investigating?
  • Do they have previous experience with the software or a good background in the manufacturing or CAD/CAM industries?

Does the reseller offer local support?

  • Training and support are crucial to a smoothly running shop. A good reseller will make sure that you have the support you need.
  • This can be done through support contracts which let you call whenever you have a question.
  • Most also offer training either on or off-site.
  • In addition, many resellers offer their own users groups, seminars, and training sessions for new versions.

Is corporate support also available?

  • Does the developer fully support the reseller with the latest inforamation, training, and technical support?
  • If you have a highly specialized question that your reseller wants to double-check, he or she should have full access to the developer to get your question answered.

What is the reseller’s territory?

  • If the reseller’s territory is small, they may handle all sales and support through their company.
  • This allows the reseller, and any support network they may have, to concentrate on servicing local users and handling local issues.

Is the reseller dedicated to CAD/CAM software?

  • Top-notch resellers try to find the best CAD/CAM package and stick with it.
  • One who sells competing CAM products may have their time and skill spread across too many packages.
  • A reseller that offers “best in class” software is most likely to be an expert with that package.

What is the reseller’s skill level?

  • When you schedule a demo, ask them to program a part that is similar to your work.
  • The representative should be proficient enough to program your part while explaining the process in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

What is the reseller’s reputation?

  • A reseller with a reputation for prompt service and reliable support is better than one who is out to make a fast profit without the long-term commitment to your satisfaction and success with the product.

How strong is the reseller network?

  • Is the reseller part of a strong worldwide sales and support network?
  • This is useful for you because resellers often rely on one another for tips and advice from around the globe.
  • In addition, other resellers in the network may develop add-ons to the CAD/CAM package and may know of software utilities that can help you in a highly specialized application.

All of these questions, as well as their answers, will help you determine which reseller is right for you. When choosing QTE Manufacturing Solutions you have the confidence of 30 years in business, with a #1 Worldwide Mastercam Reseller for Customer Retention designation four out of the past five years. Please feel free to contact us and find out if we are a good fit for you!

Stay tuned for the next Section in What Every Shop Should Know About Choosing a CAD/CAM System!