Technical Support

QTE Provides unparalleled technical support. We have received the distinction of the #1 Worldwide Mastercam Maintenance Reseller (Customer Retention) in four of the past five years!

We have multiple application engineers located throughout the Midwest to assist with our customer’s problems from standard application support to manufacturing processes. We support all of our products in-house as the local experts.

If you are a current maintenance customer you have access to our support team to help you get the job done. There are multiple avenues to reach our support team.

How to Reach QTE Technical Support:

  • Call 877-429-5708 and ask for Technical Support
  • Email
  • Chat with us by clicking the link in the bottom right corner below

How to Reach QTE Post Department:

  • Call 877-429-5708 and ask for Post Department
  • Email
  • Chat with us by clicking the link in the bottom right corner below


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Good information is also available via the Mastercam Knowledgebase

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Support Tips

  • The quickest way for assistance is to provide  a Zip2Go file from Mastercam. This allows us to see the file, your system configuration, and your post so we can quickly pinpoint the problem. 
  • When calling with a new support item, ask for Support. If you ask for a specific Application Engineer they might be out of the office and not respond to your issue as promptly as you desire.
  • Please send support questions to the support email address and not a specific Application Engineer. This way we can ensure you issue is timely addressed through available avenues.

System Requirements

  • Mastercam, Verisurf and our other solutions require specific computer resources to run properly. Please follow the system requirements outlined from Mastercam.